Smart Energy Business

Date: 2018-31.8.2021

Deployment of new energy saving and renewable energy solutions

The integration of ICT and smart solutions in energy systems is said to be a potential step for Finland when creating new businesses and products for export.

Project works in the interface of municipalities, societies and companies. Project supports decision makers by assisting in profitability calculations, dialogue with markets, estimating maturity of technology and contacting the operators of energy sector.

In addition to energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions, project seeks opportunities and pilot cases for energy storage systems. As the energy storage is seen as a bottle neck for solar and wind energy production, project defines the possibilities of seasonal storage of solar energy and power to gas technologies in the project area.

As a result municipalities achieve cost savings as investing in energy efficient and renewable energy solutions and consequently are more competitive in property markets. Simultaneously new businesses and networks are build up in the energy sector. Smart solutions are introduced to traditional energy markets and new real time energy trading era is one step closer.

Project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund. Total budget is 535 484 €.

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Pekka Pääkkönen
Project Manager
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Petri Leppänen
Project Coordinator
tel. +358 40 753 8381

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