We help municipalities and companies to grow sustainably and become energy-self sufficient and carbon-neutral.

Our innovative and experimental environmental projects have had an extremely high success rate. In 2017,  Micropolis won the European Commission’s RegioStars Awards category in Energy Union / climate change. Our work was especially appreciated for innovativeness and for engaging the citizens.

Also in 2017 the Nordic Council of Ministers identified Municipality of Ii as one of the best Bioeconomy cases in the Nordic Region. In 2019, Municipality of Ii won the Innovation in Politics Awards / Ecology for encouraging everyone to take climate actions.

We are looking for innovative partners to utilize EU funding programs to produce green and smart business opportunities and competence in the Arctic region.

With us ideas are easily tested, measured and piloted. 

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Innovative with the capital Ii

Municipality of Ii is one of the best Bioeconomy cases in the Nordic region and thrives to become a zero emission and waste-free community. The municipality has set an ambitious goal to reduce 80 percent of carbon emissions by the year 2020, which is over 30 years faster than the EU climate target.

See video about our climate actions