Iijoki River Agreement

Date: 2019-2023

Implementing Iijoki River Vision and Action Plan 2030

Iijoki River Agreement (2019-2023) have been made between four municipalities (Ii, Oulu, Pudasjärvi, Taivakoski), PVO-Vesivoima Oy, Metsähallitus, Neova Oy / Turveruukki Oy, and ELY Centre (North Ostrobothnia).

The aim of the agreement is to raise the value of the river by restoring the migratory fish stocks, improving water quality by watershed restorations, and develop tourism, recreation and livelihood opportunities.

The main projects include fish passages (upstream and downstream) and ecological restoration of the drained peatlands. Large-scale peatland restorations will significantly improve the water quality, biodiversity, and mitigate climate change.

The Iijoki River Vision and Action Plan were created during the EU-funded Iijoen Otva Project (2015-2018). The project has been considered a success for the improved river basin collaboration, trust-building and resolving conflicting interests. After the Otva Project, stakeholders decided to fund a full-time coordinator for the next five years (Iijoki River Agreement 2019-2023), located in Micropolis in the town of Ii, in order to carry out the Iijoki Action Plan as well as to facilitate the meetings of the Iijoki River Advisory Board. The advisory board consists of 30 members and represents wide range of stakeholder groups and interests.

We are looking for national and international partners (green investors) to collaborate with the peatland restoration projects.

For more information

Lauri Rantala
Iijoki River Coordinator
[email protected]
tel +358 40 6475 475

In cooperation

Municipalities: Ii, Oulu, Pudasjärvi, Taivalkoski
Companies: PVO-Vesivoima Oy,  Vapo Oy / Turveruukki Oy
Public organisations: ELY Centre / North Ostrobothnia, Metsähallitus