Väre – Resource-wise and low-carbon solutions

Date: 2018 - 2020

Taking the North Ostrobothnia region towards resource-wise and low-carbon use

The main target groups of the project are the municipalities and the companies offering cleantech solutions and services. We will identify different resource-wise and low-carbon solutions and actions that municipalities could put into operation. Information of the solutions will be spread across the county to all municipalities, companies, NGOs and citizens. We also encourage all actors to take into account the possibilities for saving resources and applying low-carbon solutions in their activities and decision-making.

The main measures in the project are:

  • to identify needs for resource-wise and low-carbon solutions in the municipalities participating the project
  • to compile action plans for municipalities for implementation of the solutions identified
  • to produce solutions in cooperation with the cleantech companies
  • to assess and analyse the environmental and economic impacts of the above-mentioned solutions
  • to propose resource-wise and low-carbon solutions that benefit the economic life and business most

As a result of the project, the participating municipalities will invest in and put into operation solutions that save the use of materials and energy. In the assessment of possible solutions, the cost-efficiency and availability of raw materials in the region will be also taken into account. The use of materials and energy sources from the region can offer new business opportunities to region’s companies, and thus creates new jobs and growth in the county. New information of resource-wise and low-carbon solutions and their assessment methods will be spread to and new knowhow will be born in the region.

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