KASKI – Growth from the Circulation with Green Techniques

Date: 1.9.2021-30.6.2023

“Growth from the circulation with green techniques” (KASKI) -project aims to develop a circular economy environment that can be replicated in different parts of Finland. The project will instigate investment activities for a circular economy center in Municipality of Ii. The goal is to utilise 98% of the materials, and to meet this goal a new kind of operating environment and tighter corporate network is a necessity. The aim is to build the circular economy center so that it is easy for companies to locate there, and the services are built to facilitate circular economy development. The project also develops a digital business network platform, which is a collaboration of circular economic actors and networks nationwide. The need for this type of platform, where experts have access to the networks support and which would also reduce duplication, has been stated in various circular economy forums. The project also implements material flow optimization to guarantee the results of the project.

CircLab demonstration environment has created a solid foundation for the development of the nutrient cycle and circular economy. Based on the studies carried out in the CircLab-project, it is possible to find new business opportunities in the side streams. In the KASKI-project, plan is to research fish scales as a raw material to produce chitin and chitosan as well as purification of fish processing plant waters with the help of microalgae. Properties of produced algal biomass will be studied to understand best application possibilities and business opportunities. The project explores new business opportunities and innovations around circular economy. The demonstration environment will be further developed by surveying the possibilities of establishing Finland’s first algal center. This will require exploration of algae technology business opportunities as well as other European centers best practices. Promoting circular economy and identifying new business opportunities will play a key role in all work packages. Material flows are surveyed in the project and circular economy services and technical solutions are developed. In the KASKI-project, the development of the circular economy transcends the boundaries of the industry and companies, where it is also possible to find a new business cooperation and new business solutions that have the biggest employment impact.

For more information

Project Manager Pihla Hasan
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tel. +358 50 338 0983

Senior research fellow, Docent Tiina Leiviskä
tel. +358 50 350 5231, [email protected]

Research Director Ossi Kotavaara
tel. +358 50 573 9124, [email protected]

In cooperation

University of Oulu / Chemical Process Engineering (CPE) research unit, The University of Oulu Kerttu Saalasti Institute