IlmastoAreena – Climate Arena

Date: 1.1.2019-31.12.2021

The nation’s leading platform for common dialogue on climate change.

In Climate Arena the sparsely populated rural area takes its place as an active actor, not just a target of decisions.

Finding solutions to climate change needs everyone’s participation
Climate change belongs to us all: the dialogue brings together the political leaders, business life, science and arts, citizens and residents, the third sector and NPOs. Everybody meets in the countryside and to find solutions for climate.

In addition to year-round dialogue Climate Arena is foremost Finland’s most important free and open for all climate festival. For two days Finland is here.

Ii is the natural platform for the Arena, a leader in emission reduction and a true example of how a small sparsely populated rural town can make actions with a wide impact.  If Ii can tackle the climate change, everyone can. We need knowledge, common understanding, will and actions – the Climate Arena.

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