VIRKE – Circular Economy for Green Recovery

Date: 01.4.2021 - 31.3.2023


The aim of the project is to produce solutions that improve the sustainable resource management and more efficient utilization of materials in Northern Ostrobothnia. The project will revitalize the economy by creating growth from climate-wise solutions: work, business, attractiveness, and a better environment.

The goal of the project is to find solutions that create a profitable business in the circular economy, either for existing cleantech companies or for completely new and start-up companies.

The aim is to ensure that the recycling of waste and surplus materials is not perceived in municipalities and companies only as a cost item, but as a sustainable use of natural resources and an economic benefit.

The sustainable use of natural resources is a success factor at national and international level. In terms of the consumption of natural resources, building construction is one of the largest industries in Finland. 10 million tons of construction materials and products are used in construction every year. That is why it’s the  main focus of the project.

The project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (EAKR), which is supported by the Council of Oulu Region. The total budget of the project is 322 600 euros.


Project Manager Pekka Pääkkönen
tel +358 50 596 9582, [email protected]

Project Engineer Petri Leppänen
tel. +358 40 753 8381, [email protected]

In cooperation

Municipalities from Northern Ostrobothnia region: Ii, Liminka, Muhos, Simo, Vaala and Utajärvi.